Frequently Asked Questions


Do you deliver and how much does it cost?

We deliver items to HSC Central Receiving free of charge. Additionally, we can ship an item anywhere in the country through USPS for a flat rate of $8.00.


If I don’t see it on the website can I still order it?

Yes you can! Email to let her know what you want and she will be happy to add it to the website for you to purchase.


Does the site take pcards and know we are tax exempt?

Yes and yes.


Can the site be used by regular credit cards from external parties that don’t live here?



What if I just want one item?

You can order from the A La Carte section of the store.


What if the quantity that I need to order is different from the available quantities in the store?

You can email and we will add the quantity that you need.


What if I need a product sooner than the listed production time?

You can email and let them know your deadline.

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